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May. 26, 2020

Open Source Status Report 202002

profanity On 03.02.2020 I released Profanity 0.8.0. It contains 315 commits since 0.7.0. Eighty issues got closed. So the website needed to be updated with the new tarballs and other information. A blogpost describing the new release got written. And the openSUSE package got updated as the first distribution of course ;) mdosch created his authors page for the Profanity blog which needed to get merged. And he and pep reviewed the 0.

May. 25, 2020

Open Source Status Report 202001

I’m beginning a blog series about my open source contributions. I hope this is interesting for people who want to start contributing to open source but don’t know where to begin. Or people who want understand (one way) how open source is being developed. Additionally I hope it gives my Patreon and GitHub sponsors and idea of what I work on. This first report is written many weeks after the actual work was done, so it probably is incomplete nor written elegantly and I don’t remember all the details.

Apr. 9, 2019


In 2015 I already made a postabout sway. Now with the recent 1.0 releaseit’s time for another one. sway is available on the OpenBuildServicefor openSUSE since August 2015. And on March 12th I updatedthe package to the 1.0 release, which happened one day earlier.I packaged all the RCs that lead up to the final release too, to be sure everything works as expected. When packaging I asked the devs about a proper ChangeLog file which lead to the annotated git tags that they now use.